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tv   Dateline NBC  NBC  December 30, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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>> come on in. i have some friends coming over, and i'm not too handy so what are we making? >> herb roasted chicken, a special dessert that i will surprise you with. >> i love surprises. it's not every day that you got a celebrity chef knock on your door pretty cool. >> it could be >> i like that let's get in the kitchen >> time to get cooking >> we will start with the butternut squash everything in the kitchen is about timing you know this right? >> yeah. >> oh, my gosh yeah.ent your knuckle, i saw.r >> so you don't cut off your finger >> maybe you're not going to use the knife tonight. >> we will cut it into small enough pieces. maybe you can do that. >> i can do that. >> you're doing great.
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we will roast it in the oven next step, we will make the pasta dough. that's all right you are eating the shells later, right? >> work the flour from the outside. you're getting there >> now you will get your hands dirty. >> i look like a 5-year-old playing with play-doh right now. >> we will start making the garnish for the ravioli. let me know you if i scare you too much ugh.rt rolling out the pasta >> i never thought a meal of this caliber could be cooked in this little kitchen. chef chris is bringing the gourmet to this home cooked meal it's all coming together beautifully. >> there's your ravioli. will let you finish upe about ve
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i will meet them see you out there. hey, guys. welcome. thank you. come on in >> hi. >> good to see you >> you, too. >> wow >> beautiful >> nice. >> i'm so excited for my friends to see what chef chris has in store for us and what i slaved over in the kitchen. >> how is it going nice to meet everybody we have a beet salad with golden raisins, goat cheese and watercress >> super good. >> really good. >> i love the grains in it. >> excellent now i'm afraid everything else i eat won't live up to this. >> our masterpiece butternut squash ravioli enjoy.
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>> i worked on this all day. oh, good wow. so good. >> incredible. i can't believe you made this. >> hey >> i need to become really, really rich so i can always have a chef is all the time.d eat likes, i >> good to know my friends are looking out for my guest interests. after devouring his delicious chicken entree and sneaking a peek at the desert, i can't say i blame them >> we have a german chocolate cake, chocolate moose, sorbet wowmelted pecan >> dinner was amazing. ali was a great host
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>> home cooking at its finest. how many times do you get to have a celebrity chef come into your house and cook food for you. >> you always see them on top chef, it makes eating like an event. it's already an event for me because i like to eat. i would definitely do this. >> clean-up is included in this, which i'll have to go finish in a second this meal has gone above and beyond my expectations my guests got a gourmet meal and i got to enjoy their company which never happens when you're hosting a dinner party i have to say, it's sure nice to have a top chef as your co-host. me cooking from now onis doing coming up -- >> my biscuits, they're all done i didn't burn down the kitchen
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tonight we're checking out the country's best homestyle cooked meals in williamsburg, comfort food can be summed up in two words -- pies and thighs. in a corner of south 4th and griggs, the owners, carolyn and a very pregnant erica are serving up home-cooked meals to the faithful >> this is a southern comfort restaurant i am in charge of the savory side >> i do the sweet. >> we try to do as much in house as we can. we make the food that we love. >> and their labor of love, continue mac and cheese, chicken and waffles, or their oh, so delicious chicken biscuit is to our delight.
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>> it's the best around. >> the biscuit is usually hands down, it's my favorite >> this delectable, mouth-watering, dare i say orgasmic fried chicken breast this case that means by cuts. >> we measure every ingredient so that every batch is exactly the same we use all-purpose flour, baking powder want to get in the mix true.ermilkcomplete without >> and with our wet and dry ingredients combined, it's time to hand mix them together. this is way harder than it looks. it seems like a little elbow grease is the secret ingredient when it comes to homemade cuisine. after kneading, rolling, and a slathering of egg wash, these biscuits are ready for cooking >> oh, my goodness they look so flaky and good. i cannot wait to try one my biscuits are all done and i
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didn't burn down the kitchen now we are on to the fry >> we're going to fry a chicken cut let. how long do you put it in there for? >> about three minutes >> in the meantime, we butter our biscuits this is honey butter you smear it on. >> oh, my goodness now it's time for the star of the show, the chicken. devour ite done it, it's time pies and thighs. pies and thighs! this is so good. the red hot with the honey and the biscuits what i love about this sandwich is it really is just a perfect marriage of pies and thighs. >> yeah. proud of it. >> this place, too, it's homey truly home cooking.nd thighs n. >> nice and homey in here. doesn't feel like the city, but it's close enough.
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>> we've worked together for a long time. it's fun to have a sandwich that brings a little of both of us. >> i'll be back. >> the tradition of food has always been the way people connect. it doesn't stand more true than in new orleans whether visitor or local, you feel at home with every bite. >> delicious food. >> great desserts. >> one of the best places i've been to. >> don't be fooled all this is also happening in d.c. >> very different. >> very delicious. >> i'm going to come here as much as i can. >> i lived in new orleans. the food here takes me back home >> boy yew bakery is a casual, counter-service bakery we do focus on baked goods but have a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner savory menu >> david started as a pastry chef for some of the city's best after 15 years, the louisiana
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bayou still reigns as home sweet home he decided to fill the void of food, culture, and music and bring it to the city that needed that nola soul >> it feel like it speaks to me on a daily basis i know it's something i'll never get tired of the food is something i can literally eat every day, all day long, and raise my family on and hopefully have some local fans, as well. quiche.oked pork.ive on has >> gumbo >> roast beef. >> first on our sandwich board is our artti, inspired by a po boy shop in lakeview specifically called charlies smothered roast beef, gravy, sauteed onions and mayonnaise. >> i was to try the beignets >> obviously from scratch. a fresh yeast dough. we're doing them two, three, four times a day in batches. probably the most recognizable dessert of new orleans you bakery without beignets.e a
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>> mm. from creole pralines to crawfish ettoufett. are you sure we're not in new orleans? >> we're hunters, gatherers. with that, an honest day's work comes a level of pride our food being spicy and yers of flavors represents us.d >> like a little trip down memory lane. >> goes to the heart >> home-cooked meal. >> come on by. not just for good comfort spitality, toor some southern coming up -- >> you guys have the blow torch, and i got one -- >> what are you doing over there?
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tonight we're all about good old home style cooking when i think of home cooking, i think of family. there's one chef in orange county that's inspired by just that >> it's really unique food >> really haven't encountered another breakfast place like it. >> the stuff that is on this plate is amazing >> it has fine dining elements to it, but it's not a fine dining atmosphere. >> one of the most interesting restaurants we have. >> truly legitimate food >> and that's all thanks to chef dean witten, the mastermind behind the break of dawn restaurant but he wasn't always top chef. he started out as low man on the totem pole at the famed ritz carlton. >> i came in as an extern and i got hired as a cook. and slowly i moved up the
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ladder and i worked my butt off and just went up to executive sous, basically the right-hand man of the executive chef >> but while he was quickly becoming a rising star in the culinary world, a life-altering event changed his path >> my son was born in 2001 at a year and a half, he went in for a surgery. routine surgery. and something happened, and -- he coded you know, he basically -- out of oxygen for 15 minutes. when he came back, he was in a coma and he's currently physically and mentally handicapped so all that time when i was working at the ritz and trying to climb the ladder like everybody else, got to realize my son, my family needed me. so i decided to drop it and
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break of dawn was born >> since it's only open for breakfast and lunch, break of dawn made it possible for dean to be close to his son while keeping his culinary passions alive. hey, i've heard a lot about this place. me cookingitchen for a little we start with the much-talked-about barbecue pork. >> basically we cook our barbecued pork, we shred it out. i'm going to show you how to make eggs tempura. >> gosh. that sounds really hard. >> all right -- no, it's pretty easy soft boiled eggs, batter, drop in. the fryer, and you dropd. >> okay, one, two -- we're frying our poached egg i've never done this before.
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very, very neat. >> while our egg is fry, almost done, we've got our barbecued pork ready to go just like a barbecue sauce that we've got -- >> i like it bbage slaw with ll grab corn cake there >> yeah. >> look at that. wow. wow. looks fantastic. i really cannot wait to eat t i guess i'm going to have to wait because dee has something sweet in mind. french toast creme brulee, that sounds fantastic how do we get going with this? >> we'll throw on top some brown sugar. you get the blowtorch, and i got one. >> oh. all right. yeah ooh. >> make sure you brown it -- like a gun you don't want to burn yours okay this is our cinnamon and raisin brioche. we're going to put in egg wash go ahead and spread it around. yeah we're going to put more brown sugar on top we're going to toast it again with our friend the blowtorch. lay it on top --
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>> oh, my gosh >> you want to try it? >> yes, i do this looks so good what should i start with >> eggs puree, you're going to crack the yolk up. the egg is too soft, you see. >> that looks so good. >> with the barbecued pork - >> my gosh, i love poached eggs, but i've never had a fried poached egg. >> all about the texture you have crispy fries and creamy, soft eggs. >> i want to get a little bit of every little thing in this bite. wow. that is fantastic. >> you could be a chef at any restaurant >> i mean, you could - >> fine dining food in a breakfast place. >> like decadence on a plate unch. fire to it, it gives it >> sugar. >> yummy
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i love that dean opened this restaurant for his family. i think that a lot of people sometimes don't have family in their life, and it was awesome he was able to do that and provide for his family it's a great story for dean home cooking means something different than for freaking goodor here.nd ibe
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tonight we're exploring the country's best home style cooked meals. whether it's at your own kitchen or your favorite restaurant. well, publican quality meets in chicago is bringing home both. >> very welcoming atmosphere when you walk in >> sandwiches are amazing. >> definitely like home cooking. >> it's always great every time we come to publican. >> publican quality meats is a
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restaurant basically built around butchering. the food here is basically meats and cheeses. we bring in meats from our farmers. and we will produce products from snout to tail the comfort aspect of our food is probably the most prevalent of our day-to-day business we wanted to produce sandwiches that made you feel like you were at home with your feet up on the couch, in front of the fireplace watching a football game it's like good, old-fashioned mom cooking. >> and mom would love this place because not only can you visit how are you youand sauces to e good to see you. it's cold and windy outside. i just came in, and i already feel warm and cozy and love this place. how did you get the idea >> our partner, an executive chef, wanted to build aplace around butchers. use the peppers here to make
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>> you can do whatever you want, make different dishes or get the dishes off the menu. it all works a few final ingredients? >> the meat and cheese this is our franks and dogs bun. we then took it and dip it in butter before we use it as a sandwich roll. this is our sausage here >> what is in the sausage? >> this is pork belly and lamb it's good as is -- >> but we're going to make it even better. >> we are. basically we want to get in there. this is the sauce -- >> how's that?
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a lot of love and care went into that sauce what's next? >> feta cheese crumble it put a good amount down then we'll do the sausage and now we're going to do the same thing but in reverse. then sauce over the top. >> this looks fantastic. can't wait to eat it home cooking cooking from the heart get the ingredients. do it at home. if you don't feel like cooking, come here. it feels like you're home and you can eat this awesome food. are. rightde. e?ry yours -- do i like it. sausage and lamb deliciousness oh, my god that meat is fantastic it's so juicy. a little spice i'm going try this one >> i love pork belly
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>> i've heard some really good things about this sandwich. >> it is decadent. >> that is so good the meat is perfect. i love the yogurt with the mint? >> absolutely. >> this is so freaking good. >> really just a cordial place to go. >> everything was amazing. sanitary in the restaurantick business. >> so warm and inviting. thanks for sharing with me >> my pleasure thank you for sharing with me. >> at the end of the day nothing beats a good home-cooked meal. i showed some of my favorite ways to get some good old home cooking. go out there and enjoy see you next week!
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it's based off of a political spoof of my run for president >> i'm running tot president of the haiti. >> did it upset you when you couldn't receiver your country the way you want to as president in the. >> yes definitely
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jean wyclef, president > >>. ♪ go back to work on monday >> i knew it wouldn't be easy, but someone had to take that burden, and with that urgency, i was ready to do it >> you basically tried something new. i represent the voice of the youth, which was over 50% of the population >> i was going to haiti way before the earthquake. so to go back and see 250,000 people under the rubble an to walk down the streets and see nothing but kids dead on the floor to see hotels turn into
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morgues. there was at the time, there was nothing else i thought i could do i was looking at my country go through so much trauma i was there to clear away concrete and pull my friends from the rubble. >> i remember after the earthquake, you were the face of relief, of aid >> but we have to start by acting right no uh >> i reported on yes, send money to wyclef charity, it's going to fix everything it came out people were not taking care of the money as they should have. >> did i ever use money for personal benefit absolutely not >> was that emotionally scarring for you to realize an organization that you had built wasn't maybe following rules you set up >> well, the thing is, my disappointment was not based on the organization, because i felt looic the organization was doing great things
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it's not the wyclef jean foundation, it's yele, the f foundation i was the face of >> the face of the foundation. >> continue. >> so, you know, you start pulling a black man's beard like that -- >> then what happens >> he gets very [ bleep ]. >> really? let's do it. it's about time. >> you're a trip >> from bag face of the organization, 20 running for president. now you're writing these books .. if you had to say my purpose in a sense -- >> making life better, that's going to be my purpose going forward, whether it's politics, whether it's music. ♪ >> my music is not just music, just so you know
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it's a world movement. it's not just let me sing and make you shake your ass and dance all of that. it's the reason why i d what i do it's bigger than a book. it's bigger than a song. >> why are you the guy to spread the word whatever that word is? why do you feel like you've been chosen to do that? >> i don't feel like i've been chosen i've just written songs like "gone to november" and you just sang along to them i just sang songs like "no woman no cry" you know i've written songs like "maria, maria. i've written "my love's your love" for whitney houston. i don't feel like i'm that guy in modern time as we live, what's being manifest through me is sdwrus the art and the poetry and when i express it, i don't just express it in song, i express it in action >> all right let's wrap this thing up let's do it. ♪ every time i make a run girl you turn around and cry ♪
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♪ i ask myself why oh, why ♪ see you misunderstand ♪ ♪ i can't work no 9:00 to 5:00 so isle be gone ♪ ♪ to november said i'll be gone to november ♪ ♪ gone to november ♪ tale my girl i'll be gone to november ♪ ♪ tell my baby i'll be gone to november ♪ ♪ january, february, march, april may ♪ ♪ i see you crying but i can't stay ♪ ♪ girl i be gone till november ♪ and give a kiss to my >> all this noise makes me wish i lived in a different country but alas i don't after the break, we have a tennis player who moved here and is happy for it.
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. >> when martina navratilova left check vox yeah, she was escaping the iron curtain, one of the
10:37 pm
first people to do so in professional sports. the devine ms. m has won 300 titles in your life, right was there ever a point in your career where you just expected the titles oh, title, this again. >> well in the '80s when i was dominated, anything but winning was failure. so i think i won so much that almost forget how to lose. >> tennis magazine has called you the glaetest tennis female player between 1965 and 2005, right? that is a 40-year span of domination >> i didn't know they did that at what point in your childhood did you know you had a gift. at what point did you feel there was something different about you? >> i think i was in third or fourth grade and i realized that i could throw the ball further, i could jump further, i could run faster than all the girls and most of the boys can. >> you come to the state whence you're 18, and then in 1981,
10:38 pm
several years later, you finally get your citizenship and shortly thereafter, you come out about being a lesbian. did those two things have anything to do with each other >> well, yeah, because i couldn't be public about my sexuality because that was a disqualifier for getting a citizenship. i had to keep quiet about it i felt i was lying i know exactly how those kids with don't ask don't tell feel >> a public life do you enjoy the attention or at this point in your career have you had it with the attention? >> i flefr tried for the attention. i always wanted to be recognize for for my ability on the tennis court. >> i know you've attached yourself to a lot of causes and nonprofits what's the won that's closest to your heart >> it's a great plat to rm it's like picking a favorite child. i've always been a huge proponent of the environment gay rights that's who i am. but it's about human rights really i'm a big animal rights advocate lover. >> are pets better than .people?
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>> well, they're true. you know they're true to you. they don't judge and they're always wagging your tail when you walk through the door, no matter what kind of day you had. as soon as you see them, the day is better. >> so the answer is yes? pets are better than people. >> they're more dependable >> you survived on the court, you now survived cancer. how are you feeling? >> it was minor cancer if there is such a thing i had the good cancer. talk about a misnomer, an oxymor oxymoron now it's as if it never happen happened . >> you look great. >> i had a health scare, but i'm an ambassador. it's ironic i actually had cancer. some tips how to get a good workout where you travel >> it's all about preventive care and lobbying for better health care for senior citizens. >> how old do you have to be to be a senior citizen? >> 50. >> do you feel like a senior
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citizen? >> it's funny. i wept from on the tour where the girls are in their 20s. they're 30 years ewinger i'm working with aarp, where i'm the youngest one on the block which is kind of funny >> which is better, being the oldest girl in the room or the you youngest >> as long as i'm here, it's good >> after the break, two actors who honed their skills following their parents around the globe
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>> kathleen turner followed her father around the globe. the first time he came to "talk stoop" they were ripping up the street and now thwe're talking to her again and now they're ripping up the street >> what a day you chose. >> what a day you chose. you decided your street needed to be done today. >> today >> what a career from "body heat" where the whole world fell in love with you. and lust with you. >> lust, i think would be yes. love was more "romancing the stone" i think >> even the end of love wow been "war of roses. >> yes, indeed >> if you don't g et out of here
10:44 pm
now, you have nop idea how far i'll go. >> where's the money from las vegas? >> i was with some wonderful people and extraordinary directors. and material that just goes on and on and now, of course, i get to do my really greatest love, which i never left, but theatre. >> you have a theatre of people sitting closer to each other than they do at home they start to breathe together or laugh together or hold their breath together. and this magic happens that they become part of something greater than themselves. even it is the most extraordinariexor extraordinary feeling. i'm addicted >> attempting to get over and give up the use of profanity was more than i could accomplish in one lifetime
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>> it was a stellar period >> i got rheumatoid arthritis, which is an autoimmune disease, and it is tough. they told me about 12 years ago that i would be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. i said is i don't think so and i have not stopped moving and i have not stopped working and i have no -- absolutely no reason why i ever will >> let's get away from the health issues and talk about other stuff.
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do you like comedy more than the serious stuff? look how nice it looks now and how quiet it is. >> let's do the whole thing. >> thanks for being on the show. >> you might ask what this has to do w oliver platt nothing. not a darn thing >> oliver flat, son of a diplomat that's what kept going through my head today as i was thinking about you. do you think that about you? >> when i wake up in the morning, i don't think son of a diplomat rises but it's very difficult to forget you're a diplomat's son when you're like one it's such a common theme among actors i wouldn't stay you're bratty.
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>> we'll see how it goes >> did you need a constant group of people to meet in each town i can always go to the actors what country i'm in. >> i think it's actually -- whoa what the heck was that >> the garbage man agrees. i think that's actually sort of right on it's when you're a little kid and you're all of a sudden find yourself in a new place and, you know, you've never been there before, and in my situation, in fourth grade, i was 8 years old. i was the only new kid in my class. i was cast as the inkeeper in the christmas pageant. i had one line >> what was it >> here there is no rest or bed for poor folks such as ye. the rich, they lodge here. yes, they do but they play plentifully. >> wow, scintillating. and for whatever reason, for whatever reason, you know, the place wept up for grabs.
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i knew twha beiwhat being laugha and this wasn't that when you're an 8-year-old kid. you don't have any friends, you don't understand why and you're getting this big dose of love from -- and you go, maybe i'll just do that a couple more times. and then it did become exactly what you said, a way to plug in and have an instant identity, because i kept on moving you know >> how interesting. i find the life of a traveling person, fascinating. and a traveling child even more fascinating. those are your formative years and it's tough to conform to any one thing as a kid anyway. >> there's a lot of good stuff about it the stability of just knowing the guy down at the corner store and having friends that you grew up with. >> you recently completed the orpgs. >> don't you roll your eyes like
10:49 pm
me >> it doesn't work when you try to play the stern father it's likepretending. >> it's a real contrast, isn't that >> in the middle you live next door to your best friend your daughter ends upstarting an affair of the husband of the other couple she can just walk right next door and make it happen. >> weave always been close it's not like we planned it. it just happened >> what would you do if that was your life? >> i have no idea. a lot of the comic life comes from what you think you would do in a situation like this and there's actually what you would do they're often different things >> that's when you come to meet yourself. >> exactly that's how you -- exactly. that's how you find who you are. >> nina, get back here harry, do something. >> you have one high quality project after the next i fell in love with you on "west wing." >> will you help me convince the in the.
10:50 pm
>> no. >> because it stinks >> you just said it was good >> it stinks >> in a good way >> no. >> others would find "flat liners" to be your greatest work what's your opinion of your greatest work? >> it's really tricky. it's very easy to get attached to the outcome you can have a sensational experience work oong movie and then it doesn't necessarily turn out so right you know so there's that metric, and then there's the metric of how good was it and how good did people think i was? it's this weird thing where an agreement is created that you have no control over about how well you did or you didn't but am i answering your question >> you're really not you're quite political you danced around severalover my questions. haven't gone unnoticed >> i challenge you to circle back to them >> what did you like the best? what did you like the most >> what i liked working on there's five or six movies that
10:51 pm
i really loved ho uh they turned out, okay, in no particular order. one of them is "funny bones. >> that hurts. that really hurts. >> "pieces of april. >> okay, everybody, let's move it another one is "please give. >> how does she stay so skin in i? >> she worries a lot >> i worry a lot >> and you're skinny >> and "the imposters. >> arthur? >> yes, maurice. >> the time has come to act. >> "the imposters" didn't completely work as a movie, but there's an idea that stanley is -- my dear old friend, all of our friends were working on that movie. we just had a blast. >> you can be doing the pooiest writing that ever got pooed out on to a stage and if you're having a good time, people are watching you that don't have a
10:52 pm
choice >> i'm getting the this from your people. >> see, i must be such a good avoider. >> i'm trying to do my job i'm trying to make him stop and he just keeps on going >> let's go back to another one that i sneakily avoided. >> so i can do my job. thanks for being on the show, bye. up next, we have a woman whose spirit and face is almost as beautiful as gracie.
10:53 pm
>> supermodel iman is tall she's gorgeous she's married to a rock star you sort of want to hate her but you can't hate her why? see for yourself >> joined by model, wife and mom iman supermodel, mar iedryied to a r star what does it feel like is it fun to have a life like that >> it is a question that i'm always asked is how does it feel to get
10:54 pm
married to david bowie >> i wasn't going to ask you that you're not going to get the same questions. this is "talk stoop. >> it's as fun as you think. and as normal as you wouldn't think it everybody is looking for that every day 24-hour excitement but the exciting part is the mundane. if you can really live and enjoy the mundane things in life, i've been married for 20 years and that's what makes it great >> did you expect the success you've had or has it been a pleasant surprise >> it's been a pleasant surprise, but at the same time, it's been a lot of work. i've modelled for 15 years when i stopped modeling i opened my own cosmetic company. that was celebrating its 20th year i started doing a collection of clothes and accessories called global chic. >> you probably didn't need to do the koz meting and the clothing why didn't you rest on your laurels scene enjoy your cash. >> imam cosmetics came out of a
10:55 pm
need of women with color just people who have color, skin of color looking for koz nettics. and i have been one of them for 14 years as a model. i always mix and match products for myself that i havecreated to wear on my face because there was nothing available for us. when i created global chic, my intention was i can create a collection of accessories and fashion but with an edge of fashion democracy. what i mean by fashion democracy is value and size. i've designed a jean for women of all shapes and sizes. when they look at me, oh, she's a model, what would she nose about a size 14, 18, 21, 22, 23, and above. but i do >> reading the article your daughter wrote in "glamour." it was about her size. my zirs grew up obese.
10:56 pm
it was a heart break for my parents every day. they were worried about her health >> my daughter was obese when she was 4 years old. >> was that terrifying for you as a mom >> absolutely. for me, about creating global chic, people say what would you know oh, i do know. my daughter was one. >> tell me about the nonprofits. >> i always lived a life of service because that's how i was raised where i was, i was a diplomat's daughter overnight we became refugees nongovernment organizations really took care of me when i was a refugee. >> do you think you have it in you to be as base and bad as you witnessed? do you think you have it in you? or just some people? >> not everybody >> i can't imagine there's anything left to want. >> there's not much want my cup runeth full now. >> thank you very much your stuff is cozy i loved visiting with all these
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citizens of the world. maybe it inspires you to taste some of that or inspires you to sit where you are and wait to next week's "talk stoop. have a great one come on, grace in we go that's my girl
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